A. Emergency numbers and emergency care

Violence against Women Hotline: (+49) 08000 116 016. This is a nation-wide, toll-free, 24-hour hotline for women in distress. Counsellors are all female and highly qualified. Counselling is anonymous, confidential and secure, adhering to all legal requirements for data protection. The service is available in a number of languages. The hotline operates as a first aid provider in the first instance, before directing callers to appropriate services. In urgent cases, call the police (emergency number 110). For help in the event of an imminent threat, contact the local police victim protection supervisor, the youth welfare office or social services.

B. Counselling centers and professional staff


INTEGRA is an association of 28 German organisations actively committed to ending FGM, through work in Germany and/or internationally ( 


BENKADI e.V. Kultur Raum Afrika – e-mail:
BENKADI works to promote African culture and its preservation, as well as working to end FGM by financing of operations for affected girls/women, and awareness-raising through the film
“Ainsi va la vie – Leben mit dem Ritual der Beschneidung” (That’s how life goes – life with the ritual of FGM)

Mama Afrika e.V. gegen FGM – e-mail: Educational and information projects on the topic of FGM.

TERRE DES FEMMES – Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V. – e-mail:, phone: (+49) 30 40 50 46 99-0. TDF is a not-for-profit human rights group that supports girls and women by means of international networking, public relations work, targeted measures, personal counselling and the promotion of projects abroad. Its core areas of interest are FGM, violence in the name of honour, domestic and sexual violence, prostitution and trafficking in women, as well as rights and support for female refugees. The group also operates a free-of-charge advice centre for girls and women affected by FGM, forced or early marriage and domestic violence.

Familienplanungszentrum Berlin – BALANCE e.V. (FPZ)- Mauritiuskirchstraße 3, 10365 Berlin, phone: (+49) 030/23623680. The centre offers a wide range of services to support women’s sexual self-determination, including sex education, sexual counselling, gynaecological counselling, antenatal care, psychological counselling, specialist counselling for professional personnel, and training in FGM and diversity in the counselling context. Contact migration and public affairs officer Diana Crăciun at


FIM e.V. – Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht, phone: +49 (0)69 9709797-0, e-mail: An intercultural counselling centre, FIM currently runs a project aimed at empowering and helping the social integration of migrants from Africa

FORWARD Germany e.V. – Frankfurt: Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, phone: (+49) 09131-302152, e-mail: Research and counselling for African women and families, and public relations work.

Maisha e.V. – Afrikanische Frauen in Deutschland – Frankfurt am Main – phone: (+49) 069/90434905, e-mail: An organisation of African women offering self-help groups to discuss topics including physical and mental health.


The CENTER for PROFS,, phone +49-6657-9142796, An independent research institute originating from the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda and accredited by the United Nations, the centre works to develop innovative strategies in the field of gender equality and women’s rights, in addition to offering counselling, training and specialist lectures.

LebKom e.V. – Lebendige Kommunikation mit Frauen in ihren Kulturen  phone: +49 (0)661 65062, e-mail: LebKom e.V. works to end FGM, using the value-centred approach in projects in Germany and Kenya ( to sustainably protect at-risk girls. A café for migrants in the rural district of Fulda particularly aims to empower women from FGM-practising communities. The group also works in the educational field, training volunteers, working in schools and organising exhibitions and tours.


AG FIDE e.V. – Frauengesundheit in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (Women’s Health in Development Cooperation) Universitätsfrauenklinik, Ernst-Grube-Str. 40, 06120 Halle, Tel.: (+49) 02330/890704. The FIDE working group organises seminars, lectures and panel discussions on FGM for medical professionals.


Agisra e.V. – Menschenrechte für Migrantinnen und Flüchtlingsfrauen (Human Rights for Female Migrants and Women Refugees) – phone: (+49) 0221/124019. Based in Cologne, the organisation offers information and advice for female migrants and refugees on topics including FGM.

Stop Mutilation e.V. – Himmelgeister Str. 107a, 40225 Düsseldorf – phone: (+49) 0211/93885791, E-mail: , website:
The association Stop Mutilation e.V. is actively engaged in combatting FGM, offering support and protection to affected and at-risk women and girls, including a counselling centre in North Rhine-Westphalia. Weekly counselling sessions with Dr Zerm are held on Wednesdays, by appointment

DAAEV – Deutsch-Afrikanischer Ärzteverein in der BRD e.V. (German/African Doctors‘ Association – phone: (+49) 01520 82 20 417, e-mail:, DAAEV runs prevention and information campaigns on topics including FGM and inter-marriage, as well as organising intercultural health and social counselling, health care and treatment for trauma.


NALA e.V. – Bildung statt Beschneidung (Education instead of Mutilation) – phone: (+49) 089/14098147, e-mail:  Nala offers counselling for FGM-affected and at-risk women and girls, as well as operating an emergency phone line.

IMMA e.V.  – Wüstenrose Fachstelle Zwangsheirat/FGM (Desert Rose Office for Forced Marriage/FGM) – Phone: (+49) 089/4521635-0,, Goethestr. 47, 80336 München. The centre offers counselling for FGM-affected and at-risk women/girls, as well as operating a telephone advice line and a refuge centre offering temporary accommodation and care.

TERRRE DES FEMMES e.V. Münchener Städtegruppe (Munich City Group)– Praschlerstr. 30, 81673 München, phone: (+49) 089 43651474, e-mail: The Munich city group provides information and further training on FGM for social workers and other professionals.

C. Educational material for communities

“Nicht mit Mir” (Not with me). A picture based brochure aimed at newcomer/newly arrived migrants in Germany. A joint effort by Aktion Weißes Friedensband e.V., Stop Mutilation e.V., Afrikanischer Dachverband NRW and funded by the Ministry of Health, Equality, Care and Ageing of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia (see

“Wir schützen unsere Töchter” (We protect our daughters), TERRE DES FEMMES. Sponsored by misereor, this is available in seven languages (German, English, French, Arabic, Tigrinya, Swahili and Somali, reissued 2016—see

FGM Bookmark by FPZ Balance and the roundtable on FGM in Berlin-Brandenburg, available in German, English, French, Arabic, Bamanankan and Swahili (see

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