• GAMS (Group for the Abolition of Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Other Traditional Practices Detrimental for Women and Children’s Health): Open
  • CAMS (Commission for the Abolition of Genital Mutilation): Open
  • Excision, parlons-en! : Open
  • Femmes Solidaires: Open
  • SOS Africaines en Danger: Open
  • Family Planning: Open
  • Reproductive Health Institute: Open
  • Saint-Denis Women’s Centre (Delafontaine hospital—opening scheduled for summer 2016)
  • Women’s helpline (Violences Femmes Info) telephone 3919: Open
  • Children’s helpline (Allo Enfance En Danger) telephone 119: Open
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development (Office for the Protection of Minors and the Family) for advice prior to travel and abroad; consular protection. (Forced marriage: Open. Illicit transfer of children: Open. Email to report FGM:

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