A number of organisations in the UK provide advice and support on FGM, including the small, poorly funded black and minority-ethnic community organisations that fist took up the challenge of tackling FGM. Larger INGOs and other organisations that have recently mainstreamed FGM into their existing work portfolios are now also involved, along with statutory sector actors, such as the Crown Prosecution Service, education authorities, the police (particularly Project Azure), the NSPCC, health services and associated Royal Colleges. The Home Office and Department of Health have also taken the lead in FGM-prevention projects, providing information on legislation and professional guidelines.

  1. Africa Advocacy Foundation Lewisham 0208 698 4473 a-af.org

Africa Advocacy Foundation is a community-based charity that promotes health, education and life opportunities for disadvantaged people. They provide advocacy services, campaigns and support on FGM and domestic violence.

  1. Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid Birmingham 0121 685 8687 – Option 0 or ext: 233 bswaid.org

Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid supports women and children affected by domestic violence, rape and sexual assault. Their work on FGM includes Helpline, Counselling Family Support and Drop in.

  1. Black Association of Women Step Out Cardiff 0292 0644 633 bawso.org.uk

BAWSO is aWelsh Government Accredited Support Provider, delivering specialist services. Their FGM work focuses on awareness raising among affected communities about UK Law and the health and psychological risks of FGM

  1. Black Women’s Health and Family Support Tower Hamlets 0208 980 3503 bwhafs.com

BWHFS promotes the elimination of FGM through a women’s health and holistic approach, providing advice and support to women and their families in Britain and Africa, and influencing policy.

  1. Bolton Solidarity Community Association Bolton boltonbsca.com

BSCA is a self-help voluntary organisation that tackles and reduces the problems facing new migrant communities in Bolton.  They do youth work, Client Drop In Service and Crime Prevention Project.

  1. British Somali Community Camden 020 7485 2963 britishsomali.org

BSC is a local women’s charity that works with Somali Community in Camden. Currently, BSC trains professionals who work with children, in schools and hospitals, on what FGM involves and how to prevent it.

  1. Daughters of Eve London and Bristol 07983030488 dofeve.org

Daughters of Eve works to protect girls and young women who are at risk of FGM. They seek to help people who are affected by FGM by raising awareness about FGM and sign-posting support services and offering advice and support to help young people.

  1. Eurosoma Birmingham 0121 661 9446 eurosoma.org

Eurosoma Cultural Centre is a representative body of Horn of African refugees and migrants. They engage and consult with young people to represent their concerns and aspirations at their management meetings, and inform their network in Birmingham.

  1. FORWARD London 0208 960 4000 forwarduk.org.uk

FORWARD is an African-led women’s rights organisation working on equality and dignity for African women and girls in the UK and Africa. Their work on FGM includes community and youth engagement, training, policy work and providing advice, support and case work.

  1. Granby Somali Women’s Group Liverpool 0151 727 1008 granbysomaliwomensgroup.org

GSWG works to provide a safe environment for Somali women and children migrants and refugees targeting women, children and families residing in Princes Park Ward. They provide advice and drop in service.

  1. Integrate Bristol Bristol integratebristol.org.uk

Integrate Bristol supports the integration of young people and children from other countries and cultures. They do campaign on FGM and provide education and creative to push for policies on FGM.

  1. Iranian Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation London 020 7920 6460 ikwro.org.uk

IKWRO works with Middle Eastern and Afghan women and girls who are at risk of  ‘honour’ based violence, forced marriage, child marriage, FGM and domestic violence and to promote their rights. They work in partnership to provide training and support work on FGM

  1. Manor Gardens Advocacy Project London Borough of Islington 020 7281 7694 manorgardenscentre.org

Manor Gardens Advocacy project`s mission is to help people take action to change their lives for the better. Their work on FGM targets campaign action, community workshops, professionals training, one to one and group support and a community champions programme.

  1. New Step for African Communities Manchester, Rochdale 01706 868 993 nestac.org

NESTAC supports Africans and immigrants, particularly those living in the North West of England. They focus on FGM youth advocacy a support our sisters action and provide cross cultural therapy services.

  1. Ocean Somali Community Association London Borough of Tower Hamlets 020 7987 5833 oceansomali.org.uk

OSCA is an innovative charity organisation running free services for Somali residents in East London. OSCA’s facilitates dialogue about FGM, its impact and its status in UK law, bringing together young people, women and other members of the community.

  1. Somali Development Services Leicester 0116 285 5888 extn: 204 www.sds-ltd.org

SDS was established to safeguard the well-being and human dignity of Somali people and other new arrivals in Leicester city through research, education, advocacy, information, empowerment and support. They work with community advocates and key professionals.

  1. Southall Community Alliance London Borough of Ealing 020 8574 8855 southallcommunityalliance.org

SCA is an umbrella network of over 100 small and new, community groups working in Southall. The majority of these groups support BMER users and represent the Somali, Indian, Tamil, Afghan communities etc. The projects aims at raising aspirations, attainment & achievement in Young People, Safeguarding young people in the context of BMER & Faith Communities and  women’s projects.