National action plans

Pursuant to Article 1 of Law n°2014-873, specifying that gender equality requires preventive and protective action to combat violence against women and infringements of their dignity, the fifth inter-ministerial plan for the prevention of violence against women (2017-19) sets out specific actions relating to the prevention of and fight against FGM (area 2.E, goal 25).

  • Consolidating the support mechanisms for victims of female genital mutilation and forced marriages, by renewing the partnership between the Ministry of Women’s Rights and GAMS (Group for the Abolition of Genital Mutilation) with the signature of a new agreement on objectives for 2017-19.
  • Pursuing preventive actions on female sexual mutilations (FSM) among relevant public and professionals, thanks to the support of the Ministries in sharing basic and continuing formation tools among relevant professionals.
  • Updating knowledge on epidemiology and scalable tendencies of the female genital mutilations phenomenon in France, and perpetuating a follow-up mechanism of the progression of its prevalence. The Ministry of Health will be supporting the study led by the National institute of demographic studies (INED) in order to update the assessment of the number of victims in France and adjust accordingly the preventive and care national strategies throughout 2018 and 2019.

Local prevention, awareness-raising and training initiatives are also being conducted by regional women’s rights teams.

Protocols and multidisciplinary guides

There are no national protocols or multidisciplinary guides on FGM. However, the health and education sectors have each developed their own guides

In addition, two maternal and child protection centres in France have implemented protocols on local action:

  • How to Behave When Faced with Female Genital Mutilation, Seine-Saint-Denis region Maternal and Child Protection Centre.
  • How to Behave When Excision is Confirmed or in Cases of Risk of Excision for a Child or a Young Minor, Paris Maternal and Child Protection Centre (Directorate of the Family and Early Childhood, 2011).


The Inter-ministerial Mission for the Protection of Women who are Victims of Violence and the Fight against Human Trafficking (MIPROF) includes FGM in its action. A training kit on FGM and forced marriage for health professionals and social workers was published on November 25th 2016. Download.