Based on the definition of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ presented, assign each of the following general statements to the correct category (i.e. S—sex or G—gender):

1. Women give birth to babies, men do not.
2. Little girls are gentle, boys are rough.
3. Amongst African agricultural workers, women are paid 40-60 per cent of male wage.
4. Women can breast-feed babies, men can bottle-feed babies.
5. In Ancient Egypt men stayed at home and did the weaving. Women handled family business. Women inherited property, men did not.
6. Men’s voices break at puberty, women’s do not.
7. According to the United Nations, women do 67% of the world’s work, yet their earnings it amount to only 10% of total world income.
8. 2 million girls are mutilated every year.
9. In one study of 224 cultures, there were five in which men did all the cooking and 36 in which women did all the house-building.
10. Girls cannot ride bicycles, boys can.